16th of september year 2018, our  company boss wanted to take us out we decided to go to the  “Amanohashidate”. our comapny members packed some food and juice .and i took own my cammera ,and we all left for the” Amanohashidate”.

outeside, it was warm and sunny .after 2/3 hours drive ,reached the place of name” Izu city” for lunch and we sat in a restaurant and had our lunch .after 1 hour we all left for the” Marenorudo” .the place was crowded.there were vendors selling doll , sweets food,eatables and lot of other things.our guidens bought tickets and we all walked into the” Marenorudo”.inside we see the all kinds of fish and dolphine ect.i was so excited.while walking around the “Marenorudo”,i saw boards witch warned us not to feed the animals.i could not understand the reason behind it .when i asked my friend about it ,he explained that our food might harm the animals .he also told me that the “Marenorudo”authorities take care of the animals in the best possible manner.after” Marenorudo”we left for our hotel.

Next day early morning we all left for the “Amanohashidate.”Amanohashidate in kyoto prefeture,is one of the three most beautifull scenic spots in japan,along with matsushima in miyagi prefecture and miyajima in hiroshima is a 3.6-kilometer sandbar stretching along miyazu bay,which is lined with numerous pine trees.Amanohashidate,or”the heavenly bridge”was named after the upside-down view of this sandbar through the legs from kasamatsu park,which appears like a bridge  floating up to the air .after the  visiting  “Amanohashidate”we left for our home though i wanted to stay back.

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